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Starlight Night (Reprise)

by Italian Stallion

Starlight night
shining ever so bright
take my hand
by the calmness of the moonlight

As we walk
hand in hand
I ask you this
as you look at the stars

Will you be mine?
I know I've waited a long time
come with me
I have something to show

Sit here in the ever so soft
light of the night
look at the stars reflection on the water
as I seek you with this soft melody of mine

I glance at you
as you look at me
our eyes meet
and we can't separate

I start to play that soft melody of mine
as you sit and sip your wine
we start to intertwine

your warmth next to me
listening to the sea
I can't help but to agree
This is the place to be

you make me feel so right
on such a beautiful night
being here with you
is such a delight

As I turn to look you in the eyes
you say "you are not like all the other guys
that people speak of
you are one of a kind."