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My Heart Is Yours

by Steph

You've got me now
I'm here to stay
I'm going nowhere
For you I pray

Oh hold me close
And don't let go
My heart is yours
More than you know

Before we've failed
But third's a charm
Pray this'll be different
No foul, no harm

Things stood in our way
Now the path's clear
A chance for us
Together right here

It's in time's hands
It's all that'll tell
If our love's enough
Not to bid farewell

I loved you then
But less than now
Forever I will
You have my vow

Those three words
That hold my all
From you are enough
To stop my fall

I've loved before
But not like this
It's you and me
Each other's first kiss

Oh butterflies
No stranger to me
Each thought of you
Brings them willingly

Awkward so
Unknown to us
Even in silence
The instilled trust

The flame the spark
It never died
Just pushed away
Gone to hide

Now it's back
And better than ever
Between us
Together forever

For you I will
Risk this fragile heart
So many times broken
It could fall apart

I trust you though
To keep me safe
This love will live
'F we just have faith

This chance we have
God's opened doors
Let's leap now
My heart is yours