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Enternal love

by BlueDreams

You give me hope, make me whole
You take me home, save my soul
Whatever gets you Whoever bothers you
No matter what happens, I'll be there for you
You gave me your heart, my darling
What else can I do for you?
Above and beyond everything
I am doing My heart and soul
belong to you as Long as I can remember,
Never have I been so blessed
With the sweetest navigator
The loveliest crown jewel of
the rest Who else will be so
forgiving Caring for my well being
Guiding me through perilous fight
The precious umbrella of my life
When I am lost, when I am blue
There is only one I can turn to
Who cares and gives me hope
That only one is you So close,
yet so far apart,
Remember how sweet thou art,
Just give me your hand,
I will show you our promised
land misery, misery,
What a dreadful enemy
Lurking through my mind,
put me out of line Dreaming,
in the deepest soul Yearning for
priceless occupant Dwelling in my heart
the love of you which never grows old To you,
my sweet little angel
As time goes by Ever so special
An eternal love for thine weep,
cries my heart Dome,
fallen apart Until the day arrives,
I won't forever be revived
In the darkness of dooms day,
Amongst melancholy,
despair Came the call of rejoice,
aspiration The yearning voice
of love and care sweetie,
What a pleasant sight My little honey
delight Like the darkest night
Helpless and blue But when sunshine arrives
Healthy and lovely are you
Sunny days and rainy days
Be as it may There to comfort and "charge"
Only my lovely sweetheart
As the world turns Things change,
seasons roll People are buried,
burned But my love for you
will forever grow Gorgeous,
my little angel Tenderly
lovingly smile So precious and special
Making whole the life of mine
So adorable and charming
Kind-hearted and caring Left one in awe,
oh dear My sweetest angel is here Sweetie,
so lovely and sincere
Always bright and always smile
Music voice to my ears
The queen of my heart is you,
my dear Goodbye for now
my dearest Hope you have the best of time
May you succeed all the rest
The beloved heroine of mine
Best of time and joy Happiness
success Free from relentless annoy,
the best man for you
For what I possess and hold
I give it all to you
Devoting my heart and soul
For the love in you
Of what you could ask for
Friendships, companionships
Above brotherly ties,
more Is the parent's love of yours
In the midst of trouble Lonely
and lost in despair Come the support,
love My sweetheart who loves
and cares From you come abundant love
and care Forgiveness and consideration of me
Fighting hard for this little angel
who dares My sweetheart is
the only one for me Wherever I am,
whatever I do Whenever I have no clue
My only source of strength and inspiration
All come directly from you
Out of the clear blue sky
Came a sudden lightening bolt
Gone was the hope of mine
Where it was once bright and shine
How else can I survive
Without your love and guide
I bear no aim to go on,
Goodbye forever and for life In time,
you will know That no one cares
about you As much as I show
With ultimate sincerity to you
How valuable your lowly butler
Only time will tell No other server
Will serve you so well
cause he cares about you,
He can die for you
But his chances are slim To see
and be with you yawn, cutie pie,
Lean on me my little sunshine
Warmth and care for your comfort,
forever you will be mine
Tick, tick, tick, gone the precious time
First Sunday chance, then Saturday prime
What remains is only Thursday challenge
To sing my sweetie songs
with adoring chime For better
or for worse Is my eternal love
To someone very special,
The sweetest little
earth angel Day and night,
Sunshine or star light Dreaming about

the very moment A "YES"
to perfect his life Hope you are here
With me day and night
Through the coming years Right
by my side My sweet little darling,
So bright and charming Simply nod your head,
sweetie And say "will" to marry me
Wish you were on the phone
to wake up my soul make me whole
Just don't leave me alone
For all the love I can give,
For all the care I can provide
For the only person ever live,
For my one and only sweetest
sunshine Bright and adorable
Caring and forgiving
The very best of ideal girl
My lovely beautiful darling
missing, what a feeling!
So hard to take or to bear
Yearning for sweet little darling
Just want to say I care
why can't I say it right?
Why can't I do it well?
Cause I care so much,
Just don't know how to tell
Brighter than sunshine,
Glitter than starlight Such a sight for sore eyes,
My sweetheart delight Just a short note,
To say I am wrong Forty and lost hope,
I won't live long Just as I like most,
Just as I stay close Just as I long for,
You and me forever more.....