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First love blues

by ~5*seconds*ago~

He was my first love
And I dont no how
But i began liking him
Someday somehow

Then I told him all my feelings
He said he liked me too
I was really happy and surprised
And I had no idea what to do

Then 5 months later
We started goin out
I was really happy
And this is what this poems about

He treated me good
And was really sweet
But then it changed
That next week

It didnt seem like he liked me
But he kept telling me he did
So I never did dump him
I just went to my heart and hid

I didnt want
To believe the truth
I new it for my self
I didnt have to be a sleuth

So when I left
To go back home
A couple weeks later
He said it was over

I new it would happen
So I wasnt really sad
More then ever
It was my heart that was mad

He led me on
For a long time
And that i dont appreciate
And the fact I was never on his mind.