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Afraid To Let You In

by Jill Turner

My heart beats,
I don't know why.
Why I'm sitting here,
Wanting to cry.
Cry for a reason,
A reason unknown.
Afraid too much emotion,
Has already been shown.
Shown to you,
How weak I am.
Holding back,
As much as I can.
Afraid to let,
Let you in.
To show whats deep down,
Beneath my skin.
My skin you see,
Hides it all.
And stops me from,
Allowing myself to fall.
To fall for you,
And all that you are.
Wanting to run,
Run somewhere far.
See I've been hurt,
Hurt before.
And no pain,
Do I want to endure.
Just give me a sign,
A sign you're true.
And maybe I'll let,
My feelings come to you.
I want to tear,
Tear down these walls.
And give you everything,
Give you my all.
So as you can see,
I like you too.
I just don't wanna get hurt,
Hurt by you.