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by ♥ ♥{lost}&((confused))

So, its like Every time i see this boy,
i don't know what to say
Every time he smiles at me
he takes my breath away

Every time he looks at me
my heart drops to the floor
and now i feel a happiness
that wasn't there before

Every time he talks to me
my butterflies grow bigger then ever
if theres a machine, controlling my heart
i think he pulled the right lever...

Every time i hear his laugh
my insides melt like snow
i wish that i could hold him tight
and never let him go!!

Every time i hear his voice
a smile appears on my face
my heart starts beating crazy fast,
like i just finished a huge race...

Every time he walks towards me
i completely forget how to think
and Every time i say goodbye
i feel my heart just sink

Every time i think about him
i feel nothing but pure joy
and all this is happening for just 1 reason
I'm falling for this boy!!!