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What if?

by ImTheGirl

What if we were never introduced
And hadn't gone on our first date
What if you were in an accident
Or showed up two hours late

What if my parents hated you
And I couldn't take your calls
What if every time we tired to find a way
We were once again blocked by walls

What if we never compromised
So that it was always your way
What if I decided I had enough
And walked away from you that day

What if you had let me go
And forever leave your side
Would that have made it better
Would you have been satisfied

What if we never had that fight
Tearing us apart
What if you had never said 'i hate you'
Crushing and breaking my heart

What if it was all a dream
And you really weren't here
What if you had simply vanished
And never reappered

What if I told you I was happy
Happy that we were through
That the burden of being your girlfriend
Was more than I could do

Yes we had our good times
Times I will never forget
But the bad times are more memorable
I guess this is as good as it gets

What if I told you, you broke my heart
Would you even care
Or would that just be another thing
You leave for my heart to bare???