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A year ago...

by J Lau

A year ago...
I told you I had feelings for you,
That it's something I cannot control.
Your heart was occupied,
So you never felt any sparks.
Friends it is we agreed,
For we both treasure this new friendship,
That was clearly meant to be.

A year later...
My feelings for you never faded,
I held onto a dream... of being with you someday.
The situation is complicated,
Yet you took me past the limit.
I finally shared my secret thoughts,
And showed you a couple of my poems.
You claim that we are impossible,
That all that happened was a mistake.
Emotions felt were only mixed confusions,
That I need to forget and erase.

A year of waiting...
A weekend of hope... and now memories.
Feelings that were once burried,
Must now disinigrate forever.
Your heart was never truly healed,
For your hopes never gave in.
Living our own wishful dream,
Crying our own painful cries.
Friends I wish not,
Cause I truly want you to be by my side.
Yet I promised to step back our friendship,
In fear of loosing that only chance to hold onto...
A dream... from a year ago.

Friends it is we claim,
But how true will it remain?
Can a friendship be broken by love?
Can feelings and emotions truly be undone?
Only time will tell...
In the year to come.

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