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Every Beat of My heart

by Mollie

You took a star and put it in my hand,
You've shown me love as think as sand,
I now know what true love is,
Nothing could be any better than this.

Those pink morning clouds just keep shining,
My love for you is undying,
Our love for each other is still growing higher,
Our love for each other is what most desire.

If words could describe this feeling inside,
I couldn't even begin to describe,
Because you've taken my breath away,
You're everything I've dreamed about in every way.

Our never-ending love for each other,
Is like the flame in the fire,
I love from now on till forever,
and forever we will be together.

From every single beat in my heart,
From everything that is true
From all the love known in all hearts,
Every day of my life I'll be loving you.