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Beginning of forever

by BlueDreams

I'll still always remember
The last time we were together
Wanting to discover
From the beginning of forever

You were the only thing,
I had to live for.
Everything was so perfect,
But that was before.

I always thought,
We would always be together.
I would love you,
From now till forever.

But I know that would be in the end
And we will be apart
So many kisses I can't send
After what you did to my heart

Behind this smiley mask
I saw the ugly truth
A question in my mind I've ask...
Why I loved you?

What should I do, to make you love me?
What should I say, to make you believe me?
It's only you, who I want to see?
Every day of my single day, to set me free

I lost my way, my thought
And my heart was withered
In a game I played
Pretending I'm the winner

Running from the truth
was the easy thing to do
I wish you had the courage to be honest
to gently tell me, we were though

So, please return to the past
Return to your man
I said, "I love you," at last
Wishing you would understand

That's true
I'm still needing you
But you must know
That I'll never let you go...