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Do You Hear?

by Daniel Mulvany

Do you hear my broken heart,
Calling out for you to mend,
Each fragile peice and mangled part,
In pain suspending end from end?
In hopeless words surrendered I,
My heart and soul forever yours,
And in each thought these words apply,
This pain occurs, this pain endurs!
Incurring tears from empty eyes,
Suffering within each moment,
Without hope of compromise,
Nor reparation or atonement.
Do you hear, oh do you hear?
Did this not your soul impact?
Don't you long to hold me near?
To help me keep this soul intact?
You promised me, you promised that,
Forever couldn't hold us in and,
Even though the world weren't flat,
You'd walk with me off it's end.
Yet, seems that through this ruined vow,
You've left me with a heart that's broken.
If only you could hear me now,
Calling out with words unspoken.