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The letter to end my pain

by skye

I step of the bus
and glance around
I'm completely alone
theres no sound

i begin to walk
and think about my life
people Ive loved
people that bought me strife

every step i take
i feel like I'm dying
don't want to be here
and then i start crying

my vision is blurred
voices begin to scream
i spin around
i feel like I'm in a dream

the voices grow louder
my tears still flowing
no-ones near me
fear is growing

as i think about my past
i remember all the pain
i want to run the other way
let blood flow from my vein

another step is taken
i begin to slow down
my face is tear stained
I'm wearing a frown

the voices are so loud
my minds about to explode
i don't want to be here
so i run on the road

the car didn't see me
but i saw the car
the womans face in shock
my body flew so far

lifeless and limp
my spirit that was seized
that broken little girl
has now been released

the letter scrunched in my hand
fell to the ground
covered in blood
awaiting to be found

the ink of the paper
told a story i couldn't
explains the pain and suffering
that i wouldn't

addressed to everyone
who ever meant someone to me
people who caused me pain
and people that helped me to see

my last thoughts written down
everything i needed to tell
starting at the beginning
the day i first fell

it explain in detail
stuff id never told
written from the depth of my soul
everything i could ever hold

as i signed the letter
a tear softly fell
there it will lie for ever
upon the my story of my hell

were the voices took over
blade marks on my skin
painful eating disorders
i could never win

so i decided to end my life
i wrote a letter to explain
placed it in my bag
and swallowed all my pain

as i stepped of the bus
i took one last look around
took out the letter
and no-one ever heard a sound