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Amy's Poem

by Greg

Bang, gun shot herd threw the night
as an innocent soul takes a flight

21, didn't get to see 22
there was noting anyone could do

bullet chambered, the gun was fired
she was gone, no more could she inspire

beautiful soul, caught in the hands of hate
she couldn't escape it, it was fate

she was happy, but yet felt so much pain
pains from her child hood, had her living in vain

but now, she is up above, her soul flys
or maybe she is among us, in disguise

she watches over us, watches every single step
making sure we will not do something we will regret

she is flying high, high up above
even higher then a dove

i wish i could just see her one more time
but i know i will see her in due time

i keep my sister in my heart
cause in my heart we will never part

she was my big sister, i was her Lil bro
the memories i have i will forever hold