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Friendship is..

by C Cattaway

Friendship is something that cannot be broken.
Honesty's wanted, but often unspoken.
The expectation, whilst knowing it's there,
The trust and the company, love and the care.

The fact that a friend can say nothing, or all.
The truth sometimes hurts, but they're there for the fall.
The feeling of upset, the anguish, the pain,
But knowing they're there making us smile again.

The coffee and chats. The hugs and the laughs,
Discussing the future. Discussing the past.
The stars are the same, always out in the night..
You know they're there, even when out of sight.

The troubles, the pain, never go away,
But a hug from a friend may just keep them at bay.
A shoulder is broad, and a problem shared
Is a problem halved, when your friend has cared.

To be a good listener.. the quality true.
Knowing when to keep quiet, just being there, too.
Not giving intending to ever receive,
Not just being a friend, but the best you can be.