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How i wish

by BlueDreams

You are the heat of my life
that lighted my road
when I heard my heart's beat
and then I understood

Cause my heart told me
you are the one I'm searching for,
you are the one who will open my door
and took me away.

my heart told me
I will love you forever-
I am the bank and you are the river,
every moment, and everyday.

How I wish I could hold you in my arms.
How I wish I could know
how you could steal my heart by your charms
and how could I let you go.

I will never leave you alone
Even if your love was gone
Even if you left me so long
Cause to you I belong

You are the shelter that I run to
when the winter shivered my bones.
And I will always love you
longer than you even know.