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Please know i love you

by BlueDreams

How i wish I could take
Those thoughts of insecurity away
How i wish I could show you
I mean what I'll say

How i wish you would realize
My love for you is true,
I also hope you know
it is only for you.

I've told you time after time
I'll want to be with you for my life,
I sit here and pray someday
You are become my wife.

I'll love you forever,
However long that take maybe,
I would go to the limits
Of the world just to make you see.

I hope one day we can be
Happy and live in bliss,
I hope someday I can ease
Your fears with just one kiss.

I know the situation
We are in is very hard,
But all these hate full words
Are leaving me emotionally scared.

You can write me
A letters so dear,
You put in there loving words
That I've wanted to hear.

Sometimes you say some
Really mean things,
But that doesn't stop
the love my heart brings.

I don't know what else
I should say to you,
Except these insecure thoughts
you're having are untrue.

Also please know i love you
And miss you being near,
And all the love I have for you
is still waiting here.