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Late Night With A Lover Pt 2

by Ashes of a Black Rose aka Night Child

Hands with black nails
creep 'cross my back
backed up to a wall
he plans his attack

in darkness lips touch
curious tongues meet
and all self-control
admits its defeat

left hand on his hip
the right, on his neck
can't wait to find out
just what he'll do next

as if rehearsed
our heads change position
completely consumed
in love's form of addiction

pull back for a moment
to catch our breath
excited eyes gleaming
he kisses my neck

over and over
time and again
his sweet pale lips
collide with bare skin

his lips slowly kiss
their way up to mine
eyes softly closed
shielding their shine

time slows down
heartbeats race
the figure's outline
his fingers trace

how to progress?
hands wander around
searching the body
both up and down

they reach destinations
the shirts slowly raise
angelic little devils
are singing their praise

should i do it now?
the demons fought
fingers so cold
but touch so hot

a second hand raises
and takes down my hair
a small moan escapes me
as i breathe out warm air

he presses against me
i'm pulling him near
the night descends
with skies black yet clear

his hand goes south
i whisper, "wait..."
i want it to happen
but i hesitate

he nods in darkness
respecting my decision
i struggle to escape
this akward position

i sheild my face
and turn away
my chin in his hand
he says "it's okay"

so quickly lips part
as tongues invade
hands explore
and innocence decays