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You're Always On My Mind.

by So-Not-Normal

Your always on my mind
Its like your face is frozen in my eyes
I can't ever get you out of my head
This is how I tell where my heart lies

Sometimes I try to think about something different
Something else for just a while
But I never ever succeed
Because my mind always flips back to your smile

I remember the way you talk to me
In that soft voice that you use
Its oh so soft and gentle
It makes me feel like I have nothing to lose

People always tell me things about you
Things that just won't be believed
I like to find out for myself
I'll never let myself be deceived

Sometimes I question how you feel about me
Because you never ever reveal
You rarely tell your feelings
And I'm left guessing if this is real

So I'll have to find out for myself
Because I'll stay with you as long as you let me
I'll try to please you as much as I can
All I want it to make you happy

Believe me, I'm not obsessed with you
I'm just very glad that your my boyfriend
Because I love the person that you are
So sometimes I get more excited then intend

So this is what I think about you
And your always on my mind
Believe me I like when your on it
Because when it stops I hit rewind.