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Once In My Life.

by Steven Beesley

Once In My Life:

Once in my life I felt complete,
no worries and no pain.
Life was simple, life was so sweet.
You brought in the sunshine and took away the rain.

Once in my life I felt real joy,
the joy and happiness each day
which you brought to me.
My world seemed so perfect.

Once in my life I felt what it
was to be in love and to
be loved by one so gentle,
tender, kind and sweet.

Once in my life I felt so free,
free as the cool wind that stirs the trees.
Not one encumbrance upon my soul,
nothing would ever keep me bound.

Once in my life is not enough,
for all I had treasured and
tasted has now been taken,
left only by this emptiness inside.

Once in my life I wish that
we will meet again and that
you will bring me back all that I
long for, your love like sweet nectar and wine.

Just once more in my life before
I die, please share again
all the laughter as well as the tears.
Come back to me, into my life.