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Must Have Both Eyes To See

by Elizabeth

He's got this style that attracted me
Impacted me, reacting like the little girl in me.
Emotions start bursting
Mind starts rehearsing
Great feeling, pure bliss
This is what I miss.

Came down to the shallow room
Filled it with the stars and moon.
Shed some light to the darkness
Focus, my mind tells me be cautious.

Stepped back to see the scene
Was not completely serene.
Got rid of the corruption
Of missing trust and devotion.
Abducted by lies and deceit.
No repeats,
Must have no repeats.

He starts from the back
Filled it with roses
And as the door closes
I begin to breathe again.

Smelling sweet,
The expansion of my sensuality.
He begins to smile, shows personality
And I begin to laugh again.

He holds in one hand
Honesty and truth
And in the other
Spirituality and joy.
Obviously I become wary.
Must I be?
Must have both eyes to see.