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I Promise to Remember

by Daenerys Stormborn

For all the times I might have lied
The same amount I am sure I have cried
Now thoughts of you are running wild
And I am haunted by your smile
I remember how it used to feel
When you and I were strong and real
All I want right now is to forget
All the things I did that I regret
But I remember...
Every time I feel like giving up
Memories of our love erupt
And there is nothing I can do
But realize how in love I am with you
And I remember...
I want to wake up to the day
Your memory will not stand in my way
And I can move on with my life
Stop praying that I may still be your wife
At another place and in another time
You were mine and only mine
Now things between us are not the same
Our feelings were both forced to change
First we thought of leaving town
But we could never let our families down
I am different than I was then
No I am never going to feel like that again
I do not think I have any more heart to break
Or know how much more I can take
But I promise you one thing
I will remember...