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You're My World

by Raychil

I simply can't get over
The things that you do
Even if your just being goofy
All I can think is how much I love you

The way you look at me
With those beautiful eyes
I could stare into them forever
Leaving reality where it lies

I love the cute things you do
Like tickle my stomach and kiss my nose
Or holding my hand gently
Like it's a fragile rose

It puzzles me even now
How you always know what I feel
And even when I'm doing my best smile
You can tell if its fake or real

Your kisses are so sweet
And your hugs are always warm
Can't you see in my words
That if I didn't have you I'd be torn?

You make me feel so happy
Because I am your girl
Your not just a boyfriend to me
You're my whole world.