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Once in a lifetime love

by Fallen~Tears

Her memory he cant seem to erase
He doesn't know why anyone would want to
she had such intelligence along with elegance and grace

With Her smile engraved in his head
He cant help but to think about how beautiful
she looked on the day that they wed

His knees were shaking as she walked up the aisle
His mind filled with worries and fears
But they soon flew away when she smiled

He loved the way her hand always found his
The way she laughed The way she smiled
He just loved the way She is

They loved each other with every piece of their heart
No matter how hard anyone tried
no one could tear them apart

She was his best-friend ,she was always there
He'd never leave her side
love like theres was rare

He held her up into the very second she died
Laying with her letting all emotions go
He saw no point in hiding his feelings inside

They had Once in a lifetime love
One that will always last forever
One They'll restart when he enters heaven above