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To have someone special love you

by XcrissyX

Have you ever hated someone
but loved them at the same time?
they play you about
but you pretend your just fine.

you know they love someone else
you know there out of your league
you try to get over them
but never succeed.

you talk to them nearly everyday
you smile at them
but they look away
when you have an argument.

you cry an everlasting stream of tears
as loosing them is one of your greatest fears.
you know they treat you bad
you know you deserve better.

but this feeling you have inside,
seems it will stay forever..
the feeling that you love him..
the feeling you always regret..

the one you always cry about
when you go to bed.
you just want it all to end
but you never seem to make this happen.

even though you know your just friends,
as the days go by
you watch them love someone else..
that perfect girl that is so much better than yourself.

you just want to be that girl
just for a Minute or two
so you know how it feels,
to have someone special love you.