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And this is all my fault...

by BECCA lessTHANthree

The shadows of chaos in grey,
the painful things you had to say,
the haunting memories,
all the things i hate to see,
just keep running back to me.
&& its soo far in the past,
i thought the pain would never last...
but it hasnt left me yet,
&& its too soon to forget,
that im still living in regret.
i have to die a little more first,
so that this pain will reverse,
and slowly dissapear,
away with all those pain years,
and gone with all those bloodshot tears.
cause i dont know why i still cry,
or whyy i want to die,
all i know is that i do,
and that i feel like im supposed to,
cause in the end it was me...
who walked away from you....