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New Found Love

by OhhBabyyGiirl

I thought my heart was broken,
that it would never heal,
but every time i was with you,
it was happiness i would feel.

what is this feeling.
this must be something new,
i never felt this way before,
i guess its all because I'm with you.

sometimes when we would walk,
i would hold you're hand so tight,
remember when you gave me you're hoodie?
i would cuddle and sleep with it every night.

and when I'm alone in my room,
on my bed out the window i would stare,
my heart would always give me butterflies,
because i always felt you there.

Every night before i would fall asleep,
i would lay on my bed and cry,
because i always had these thoughts,
that maybe you would say goodbye.

why can't you tell me you love me?
why do you have to tell my friend?
please just never lie to me,
i don't want this relationship to end.

but let me tell you this,
and please believe it with all you're heart.
I really do love you,
so don't tear this love apart.