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Waiting For the Day

by Darien

Waiting For the Day

I'll blow you a dozen kisses,
and send them with the wind.
Home they go, upon your lips,
as they leave my fingertips.

A gentle wind will greet you,
to tell you I'm right there.
My kisses go a hundred miles,
leaving you a thousand smiles.

A song whispered into your ears,
"I will be right here waiting"
For the day you will come home,
I am left in this world alone.

I miss you more than yesterday,
the day you left me wondering.
Tomorrow I'll stand right here,
just to see if you were there.

The flowers I hold are healthy,
my tears will keep them strong.
Walking on land, swimming at sea,
Tidal waves could never stop me.
I would sail across the ocean,
so I can show you my devotion.

Watching the airplanes flying,
I wish you could land right now.
Walk right out of those doors,
Kiss my lips and I'll kiss yours.

I need you here more than ever,
like the plants need the rain.
I'm like the night without stars,
or like a prisoner behind bars.

Locked my heart away for good,
until you come and set it free.
Letting you go I would never,
I will be waiting here forever.

You feel so far away from me,
I can feel it deep in my heart.
I know you will be back one day,
Forever in my arms you will stay.
How I have long to see you smile,
I know I will have to wait a while.