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The Best Valentine

by *:.~Lauren~.:*

I used to think it was stupid,
Just another Hallmark holiday,
Cards and candy all day long,
Helpless romantics,
And stupid love songs.

I used to be alone,
Every Valentine night,
Probably just rent a movie or even sleep,
Wishing and hoping,
Looking on which memories I should keep,
I really wanted someone to hold me on Valentine's day,
But no one listens to me,
They don't care about what I say.

I've always wanted to be someone,
Who got all the Valentines,
And when people ask who that hott guy is,
I can say that he's mine,
Looks and candy,
All I ask,
For this Valentine's day,
But it's not a simple task.

One or the other,
That how it always turns out,
But I say screw it,
Because maybe I don't understand what this holiday's about,
Buying cards and candy,
To make a girl feel dandy,
Stupid guys who makes heart's around the girls name,
You're a boy for heaven's sake,
Stop being so lame.

Lovestruck and confused,
I think this year is different,
You're interested in me,
I'm interested in you,
You're so sweet,
And I wish I could be with you.

Wish no longer,
I tell myself,
For he is here,
And wants to be with me,
He has a chocolate rose,
And puts it in my arms,
Then turns around and walks away,
And I smile,
Cause I'll always remember this Valentine's Day.