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Heaven In Your Eyes

by Princess Love

Another night of wondering
Lost in this moment in time
Still yearning for tomorrow's love
Still hope to make you mine

Holding on to a beautiful dream
And still waiting for that special day
But I wait for you on a bed of nails
As this cherished love slips away

As Shadows fall and another day past
Visions of paradise lights a desirous flame
Sweet memories of you will always last
And my love for you will still be the same

When I sleep you still grace me with your presence
But this allure is only in a dream
Last night we float down desire's river
And we sailed along the lover's stream

We delighted in the joy and we tasted the pain
We had many days of sunshine and a few drizzles of rain
We rise and fall but through it all
My love for you will still remain

Am I blind for feeling the way I do
Is it a crime that I still love you
I always will, whatever it takes, only if you knew
And I will cherish each moment, so precious and true

As long as the rainbow still colors the sky
And the moon still lights the night
As long as the sun still rise
And the stars still shine so bright
I will always see heaven in your eyes