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Your Lies

by Emma

Crimson tears escape my eyes,
Cannot believe I fell for your lies.
I feel so used, so betrayed.
Can't ever heal the wounds you've made.

You were so perfect, too goo too be true,
I guess nobody's perfect, not even you.
Thank you for waking me from this dream,
Thank you for ripping my heart at the seam.

I feel so empty without you by my side,
when I said I didn't care, I definitely lied.
It's just anything good just ends so fast,
That's how I knew we'd never last.

You were amazing, I was not,
You could've known, guess you forgot.
I knew we'd be over as soon as we began,
You have no idea how miserable I am.

Then again, our relationship wasn't too great,
I was always in a shameful state.
Living in fear, fear that you'd leave,
Afraid to love you, afraid to believe.

I just miss who you used to be,
I miss the boy who lied to me.
I just miss you holding me close,
I miss you so much, but no one knows.