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Summer Love

by TeenXLoveXTragedy

As the rain falls from the sky
and lands on our skin
I'm sure this is a crime
this is the perfect sin

you gently reach over
and grab my hand tight
i can't imagine what i've done
to be here with you tonight

you lift my hand up
and give it a soft kiss
my heart is beating faster now
im not sure im ready for this

nows the real deal
i taste your lips so sweet
as your tounge touches mine
i feel my heart skip a beat

butterflies in my stomach
hair wet with rain
if this is really love
we've got so much to gain

we walk back to your car
hand in hand once more
i see your sweet smile
as you open up the door

your just a summer romance
not true love at all
but tonight you are my prince
and we're headed to a Ball