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The key to my heart..

by Jessica

My heart
Is like a vault
Locked away
From any
More pain
From any
More suffering..

The key
To my sacred vault
Is in your hand
For you
To approach and depart
As you please

Why, oh why?
Did I give you that key?
I should have
Known better..
I should have
Been wise..

But my mind
Has no place
In this fragile decision
It merely watches
As my heart
Makes the same mistake
Over and over again..

Opening up that vault
And letting in
All the aching of
My heart being
Torn apart
Once again..

And when it is all over
There, is my broken heart
The lock on the door
Left open and broken..

It quickly closes up
And once more
Puts up its security wall
Around my tender heart
And tries to recover
Before the next hand
Comes along..