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Bad Timing...

by Spanish Star

My head is spinning & I feel so weird
Suddenly it happened, the thing I most feared.

You took my heart & made me feel
I knew this thing between us could be real

But I am afraid & completely scared
That I will find out that you truly cared

I cant fall in love & neither should you
Cause feelings for you, isnt something I should do

It can never be us & you know this to
Deep down inside you know its true

Our timing is wrong & it will never work
And I know I will hurt you and feel like a jerk

I want you so much & so very bad
Every day without you makes me so sad

But what can I do & what can I say
There is nothing I can do, there is just no way

You will be fine, forget me & move on
But for you my heart will never be done

All I want is to be with you & be happy
But society and family want ever let me

I am so sad & so truly sorry
But in time I`ll be fine so dont you worry