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Remember when...

by Jacob M Parnell

Remember when...
We first met.
My eyes were aghast.
My hands were wet.
You took my heart.
Put me in debt.

Remember when...
We first kissed.
The excitement we had.
The feeling now missed.
But we never knew.
Our love would take a twist.

Remember when...
We would talk all night.
Fall asleep on the phone.
When everything was right.
Way back then.
When we could never fight.

Remember when...
Our love was all that mattered.
Only the feeling.
But then our love shattered.
Broken pieces of heart on the floor.
Everything was scattered.

Remember when...
We finally made things right.
We tried to keep it together.
We put up a good fight.
But then we lost it again.
We tried with all our might.

Remember when...
We finally said goodbye.
Let go of the love.
Left each other dry.
Remember when...
Remember why?