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That Special One

by Free Spirit

There's always that
special one, the one who
you can't stand to be without...
the one you want anytime
anywhere without a doubt.

He is your everything
you're whole world,
Yea... he's the one you're
always thinking about.

The one you look for online,
the one who'd call you
late at night, the one you'd
wake up to from ur dreams
through the peaks of the

Thinking of every moment
spent with him you know
the ones that are worth while...
especially when he calls
you his baby and gives you
that smile...

Between the sheets he
knows how to have fun.
yea that special one
he aint ordinary cause
like him, there aint none.

And under the stars you'd
dance with him feeling the
breeze staring into his eyes
and forgetting all your past

So special are his
touches that when felt
my knees would shly
knelt, and my heart
would just slowly melt.

The way he'd kiss your
neck so gently feeling
his lips so softly... reaching
up towards your lips with
his finger tips...

He's The One my heart
yearns for, the one my mind
searches for, and there is
no other like him that I adore...

Oh.. how special he is to me
truly he is, and in my eyes he's
so perfect, so fine, and so
I pray that one day my special
someone will forever become mine...