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My Valentine To You All

by Michelle

This is for all the lonely hearts
On this Valentines Day,
Wanting someone to love
Wishing they could find a way...
To show the ones that they hold dear
Exactly how they feel,
Wishing the dreams inside themselves
They somehow could make real.
This is for everyone
Who has ever loved and lost,
But still want to try again
No matter what the cost.
This is for the brokenhearted
Who can't seem to get past,
The love they thought was real
And would always last.
This is for the dreamers
That know loves out there waiting,
That are too scared to open up
So keep on hesitating...
This is for the true-love jaded
That feel it's no longer in the cards,
That have felt the wounds that it can bring
That left their hearts in shards.
This is for all of those In Love
Hearts so full of joy,
That found the love to last forever
They've dreamed since they were a little girl or boy
This is for everyone that I know
There's hope for each one of us,
Love will meet up with us one day
Come on the street, airplane, train or bus...
I have faith that it will come for me
When I'm almost at the point I don't believe...
And this aching emptiness
Deep inside it will relieve.