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A Missed Prom

by Poetically Speaking

On that night she sat alone,
dressed up in an ellegant blue gown.
She watched the clock tick,
after an hour he still wasn't around.

A sigh exhaled from her made up lips,
rosy red to match her cheeks.
She wasn't a girly girl,
but she'd been planning this for weeks.

And I was a million miles away,
lost somewhere in space.
But if I could have held her hand,
I would have taken his place.

I would have kissed her cheek,
had one last dance.
Under the moon at midnight,
I would have given it a chance.

Don't be sad that he didn't show,
Please be content with your beauty,
and please know:
I would have been there to hold you close,
to show you a wonderful night.
And elate as our souls danced,
and held your warm body tight.