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A Book of Memory

by Princess Love

A book of memory
Is all I have left now to call mine
Every page has a story to tell
Of the lifeless memories you left behind

Once in a while I go through this book
When your thoughts are filled in my mind
I laugh and I cry thinking of those days
The days which I wish I could rewind

As I read through the lines
I can see those moments coming alive
Two of us together so much in love
But somehow it just could not survive

There is a rose in between the pages
It's the very first rose you ever gave me
Our love is just like this rose
Dried out without love and care
But its existence I can still see

Somewhere in my mind I lost all sense of time
I try to walk forward but I keep looking behind
How can I move on when all I think about is you
Leaving you behind is something I can't do

So I keep coming back to this book of mine
To relive the love that was so precious and true
The finest years I ever knew in my life
Were all the years that I had with you