Read Love Poems


by Synh

She looks at him now
So quiet and calm
Her hand grasping his
Caressing his moist palm

They walk in the night
Gazing at the stars
One feeling so perfect
The other coping with scars

She glances at him
Stars reflect in her eyes
He stares back at her
Not wanting to make her cry

He stops his motion
Looks at her shining face
He knows this will hurt
He doesn't want her heart to break

"I can't do this anymore
Can't you see I'm in misery?
I can't be the man
That you wish for me to be

Holding onto you seems so wrong
I know you deserve better
That's why I've stopped my calls
That's what happened to my love letters

Telling you I love you
Isn't telling how I really feel
We must stop living in this fantasy
Our world isn't real"

Her breathing has ceased
She doesn't know what to do
"How can you do this to me?
Can't you see I love you?

This can't be the end
We're perfect you and I
How can you easily do this?
Do you enjoy making me cry?"

He grabs her arms
But she tears away
"Get off of me
I've nothing else to say"

She's runs off in the night
Hot tears burning her eyes
I can't believe he did this
I can't believe he could tell a lie

He watches her shrinking form
Tears welding in his eyes
"How could I've done that?
I can't believe I just messed up my life"