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Miracle Smile

by Erica Joviec

Everyday I wake up
and can't wait to see you
I anxiously await the moment
you walk into my view
and I just can't take my eyes off of you
because somehow in you
I see more than perfection
I see love
I see life
I see a beautiful heart
I see my dreams
and all I've ever hoped for,
wished for,
and prayed for
becasue baby
talk about sparks
I see a firework show
You make me cry for no reason
because I want us so bad
You are everything imaginable
The prince charming in every fairy tale
The knight in shinning armor in every bed time story
Even through the tears
I can't help but smile
Then their is your eyes
I feel like I'm looking into heaven
they hypnotize me
and make me forget everything going on around me
I think I've loved you
since the very first day I ever saw you
Just when I think I'm over you
you walk towards me
and **smile**
and our eyes meet
and I see thousands of stars
the most beautiful stars in the universe
cause every time you look into my eyes...
and I look back
a miracle happens
you send butterflies
from my heart
to every part of my body
just by smiling
I just wish I knew why.
Maybe someday
You'll turn around
~and really see me~
but as long as you promise me
to never stop smiling
I'll make it
Cause you make me live
You make all my pain
Physical and emotional
You open my heart
and take me to a magical utopia
where we can be as perfect
As my dreams perceive us to be
I love you
You're smile is the glue
that is holding my heart together
I promise you this
Each and every time
You look to me
and **smile**
I'll be looking and smiling right back at you
SO someday if you fall for me
As hard as I've fell for you
cause there will be a hand
and a smile
reaching right back