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Memories of us

by Stivers

I wonder if he remembers me

Or if I'm just a memory

I wonder if he thinks of us

Or if he finds it useless

I wonder how things would be

If he had never left me

I wonder how he is

And if I'm still a love of his

I think about him everyday

And wonder if he's okay

I think about how happy we were

And the memories make the tears stir

I think about the plans we made

While we were laying in the shade

I think about all we said

And the lives we lead

To not know

Where to go

To not know where to find

A place where he may hide

To not be able to see his face

Puts my heart so out of place

To not know when he's near

Is my greatest fear

There's so much in my head

That I wish I'd said

There's so many missed kisses

For my unanswered wishes

There's only so many ways

For me to make it through the days

There's so little light

In my heart tonight

What would I say

If given a day

What would happen

If I could have him

What joy it would bring

To hear him sing

What would I feel

If he were here for real

I miss him each day

That he is away

I miss him looking out for me

The way it used to be

I miss his love

That protected me like a glove

I miss him

So much it's made my heart dim

I wonder if he still cares

That's a question that tears

I wonder what he's like

If he'd tell me to take a hike

I wonder if he fears

That I don't hold him dear

But most of all

I wonder if he still loves me

Or if I'm just a memory

Of what used to be