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Deepest Love

by Gem

I wish that I could find a way
To find the words I want to say
To show you how much you mean to me
You changed my life eternally

Even though you knew about my past
You still told me your love would last
All you had to do was smile
To make it all seem worth the while

You demolished my every fear
And wiped away my every tear
You were tender with your love and care
A guy like you is very rare

When your not there I want to cry
I always miss you before the goodbye
You mean everything to me and more
Every hug you give I'm thankful for

The way I feel I won't deny
I'll love you 'til the day I die
I'm with you 'til the very end
You're my love and my best friend

You're in my thoughts and in my dreams
All the time, that's how it seems
You are my life, my soul, my heart.
Promise me we'll never fall apart

I've finally found my true soul mate
It was written in the stars as fate
Marcus, it's like a dream come true
I've found the deepest love in you

Love Gemma xx

I love you so much Marcus, forever and always!