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I Only Want

by StephanieH

I choose You To Be The one
In My Heart I Love You A Ton
I Even Told You I Missed You So
I Hope You Know, Ill Never Let You Go
Even If You Wont Love Me Back
I hope To Smile, But Love Ill Lack

I Only Want You To Be Happy
Even If My Heart Is Crappy
I Want To See The Smile Glow
In My Eyes, It'll Always Show

I Want To Hear You Laugh One More Time
So I Can Cherish All The Love That Once Was Mine
I Want To See You Happy Again
Even If I'm Only A Friend

I Want To See You Live Life To The Fullest
To See That, Would Be The Coolest
I May Say I Want All These Things
Just Wait
Let Me Turn Em Into Words Of What I'm Feeling

Cause What I Truly Want
I Will Never Get
Cause What I Want Is You To Love Me
Thats Something I Cant Forget

I Will Take This To My Grave
Oh Yes, You're Friendship I will Save
But What I Really Want Is For You To say The Words
And Listen To The Singing Birds
I Want To Tell You That I Love You
And For The First
I Wish You Could Say It Too.