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All I want

by Niki

All I want is to feel loved
To feel missed and feel your hug
All I want is to know how you feel
To know if it's for real
Because this loneliness is leaving me
Crying at night it wont let me be
The weight of darkness is just too much
For me to handle I need your touch
Can't you see how I am dying inside?
And all I can do is hide
All those feelings from you
B/c it's not my place to choose
Who to be with and when
I just miss you I feel I can't win
All I want to know is are you thinking
Of me when im nowhere to be seen
There are times I think you don't care
Or even know that I am there
But I know it's not true
Because I am happy with you
So just give me some sort of clue
That you feel the same way I do
And maybe I could get some rest
Knowing you think im the best
That no one else can top me
And that I make you happy
I want to feel like I am never alone
And that you would just call me on the phone
Because you are thinking about us
And you want to hear my voice of lust
All I want is to feel that I am loved
To be surrounded in your kisses and hugs
Is that too much to ask for?
Or do I have more tears in store?