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A cold, black night..

by Jessica

On a cold black night
She stands alone on the bridge
The place they first met
The place they first kissed
The place they said good-bye..

It remains in her memories
Forever more,
Lingering here and there
Flowing about her body
Eternally reminding her of him..

The mist surrounded them
Like a silvery shawl
He whispered that he had to tell her
A secret
Surprised but excited,
She exclaimed
Ooh.. A secret?

And then she saw it
The cold hard fear..
Sitting there behind his
Electric blue eyes..

He could sense her alarm
And decided to tell her this
Precious, terrible, information
As carefully as he possibly could..

He looked deep into her eyes
And told her
No matter what,
You know I love you right?
Her eyes started to water
And she nodded her head slowly
What was he going to say..

He brought his mouth
Close to her ear
And kissed it
I love you
He repeated
Then he took a deep breath
And these are the words
That came out of the mouth
That she loved so much..

I want you to find someone else
You deserve better than me
I want you to find someone
That makes you feel special
That makes you laugh
And that you will love
Until the end of time..

What are you talking about?
You do all those things..
Why would I need someone else?
She had cried out, starting to panic..

He looked pained
And sighed a little..

I have cancer
I will not be here
To the end of time
To love and to care
For you..
I only have a few months left..
And then I will be gone..

She gasped..
The tears in her eyes
Started running down her
Cold cheeks
And then she looked up
At him and saw the tears
His tears,
Overflowing from those
Electric blue eyes..

She couldnt hold it in any longer
She let out an anguished sob
And it echoed all around their
Magical palace..

He held her tight
Right under his chin
He kissed her hair
And told her
Everything would be fine
It will all be ok..

She was comforted
By his soft,
Confident words,
But what she
Did not see
Was the sparkle on his cheeks..

He cried silently
Just as scared as she was,
As they embraced
On their once magical bridge
Surrounded by
A silvery shawl
On a cold black night..