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My first love

by yolanda

I never thought i could ever meet someone like you
Your the type of person i could trust and always stay true

When I am with you i cant seem to find the words to say
Instead I am left speechless while i lay

In your eyes I am lost in my own dreams
When I am with you nothing is what it seems

Thinking of you brings a smile to my face
My memory of you will not erase

You are special in your own ways
Nothing like Iv met in all my days

You bring light to my day
You bring meaning to my heart
When i am with you, i dread when we part

You filled my days with joy
You bring smiles to my face
You fell from heaven
You came without a trace

I would always dream up the perfect man
Looking in your eyes i am lost in those same dreams
But i never thought it would be to this extreme