Read Love Poems


by myshiningstar14

When I see you in my
dreams, I know I just
want to be next to you.
When I pray, i know I've
never felt safer.
When I have you next
to me, I know I never
want to let you go.

When the light dances
across your face, I get
When the way you move
mimics mine, I fall apart
When your lips trace mine,
I can't stop smiling.

When you get mad and you
get that little wrinkle on your
nose, I know I just want to
kiss you.
When you want to cry, I
know I just want to hug you.
When you fall asleep in my
arms, I know I jsut want to
stay like this forever.

When the softness of your
voice echoes in my ears, I
When the touch of your hands
holds me, for but a moment,
I can't help but cry happy
When i know that all my
dreams are about to come
true, I know I'll never love
anyone more.

When I see your face, I know
there's no one on earth as
beautiful as you.
When I hear your name, I
know you're the one I cherish.
When I hear a song that
reminds me of you, I know
there's no other place I'd
rather be.

When the way you say: \"I
love you,\" washes over me,
I know I'm in the arms of
an angel.
When the life of our hearts
beats as one, I know that no
one will love me better.
When the love of the God
that rules us, seems to
shower me tenderly, I know
that everything's going to
be all right.