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For my beautiful angel

by BlueDreams

For my beautiful angel....

Every night I pray
that you'll come in to my heart
and when we're together
we'll never have to part

Every night I wish
that I could hold you near
to kiss your lips
and whisper sweet things in your ear

Every thing I say
in this poem is true
everything I have
i owe it all to you

Every night I hope
that you come in to my life
to be with me forever
and become my wife

But right now I need to know
just one last thing,
then you can leave me
and start another fling.

Did you love me?
or did you not?
you told me once,
but I forgot.

Did you really mean it?
And was it really true?
It meant so much to me,
But did it mean the same to you?

So, please, just tell me,
because I need to get over you.
did you really love me?
could it really have been true?

I always remember
the first words you said to me
i asked if you were an angel
you said: "Occasionally."

I laughed and had to wonder
could this truly be?
were you really a beautiful angel?
or were you a game for me?

We I Med each other
with yahoo delivery
our conversation never
escalated negatively

We E-Mailed one another
i wondered about thee
i wanted to meet you badly
but never were you free

The night will always linger
of June 17th 05
we spoke on line for hours
of life, of love, and things

I spoke so ever gently
i listened with intent
your words forever linger
in dreams my mind has spent

I couldn't help but love you
you were so sweet and true...
but I kept my feelings deep inside
cause I've never even seen you

You told me to be careful
cause for me you might just fall...
i said, "I've already fallen"
and you caught me in my fall

My beautiful On line Angel
i love you endlessly
no matter what you say or do
I'll love you unconditionally

The only problem this time
was that no one could catch me
cause you were no longer there...
cause your love was diminishing

You promised me forever
i guess it came too soon
you left me for my best friend
and now my heart is doomed

So, now I lay in sorrow
these tears I shed for thee
you were my beautiful Angel
but I'm still in love with thee

No matter what you say
regardless of what you do
i will always be here
still in love with you

Even if you don't want me
regardless of what you say
you'll always be my beautiful Angel
in my heart you will always stay.