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Heaven With You

by Karina

I've often wondered what heaven looks like
It constantly crosses my mind
But the first time I saw you
I saw heaven in your eyes

You were perfect
Just like in my dreams
I could tell you were heaven sent
You were an angel with invisible wings

You took my breathe away
With one look at your face
And even now when I look at you
I still feel the same way

My love for you has no length
It just continues to grow
It has no end
It has a mind of it's own

I've often wondered what heaven feels like
And I felt it when I was in your arms
Tears came out of my eyes
As I prayed that we'd never be apart

I thank God
For sending you to me
I never knew love at all
Until you showed me everything

I saw heaven in your eyes
And I felt heaven in your arms
I've been in heaven since you came in to my life
And I'll always be in heaven with you in my heart!