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Willing to try

by Niki

My poems say it all
my feelings and how I fall
how I cant let the past go
and how I feel so alone
I look back to my words
as my comfort and my cures
and thats how I know ill be fine
b/c I wont go back to the lies
I wont let my heart get hurt
And I am putting myself first
or thats how it was but it changed
I am seeing my life being rearranged
Feelings I forbidded to feel
have returned and I know its real
but the more I get in too deep
I get scared and wish to keep
my heart safe from possible harm
but how can I resist your charm
I am willing to try love once more
but my heart is still tender and sore
So tell me how you feel about me
because then maybe I can see
That love is a treasure
something you cant measure
Show me that this isnt a mistake
and these feelings arent fake
so show me what it takes
to make this love fate
and I will be here always
if you promise never to stray
and I will always love you
if you promise to be forever true